Letter from Mexico.The Rainy Season

That is a baby peeking back at me…..

Well as predicted , on the 12th June we were in the midst of our first evening downpour,  the first true rain since October 2018…

Wonderful. have just had some more exterior work done and the lads had just finished. Everywhere was dusty and  so , obviously ,asked the weather Gods for a slight shower and Lo and Behold after 2 hours of the request being mouthed…….Pitter , Patter  …

The plants in pots are now drinking their fill of pure unadulterated rain water as opposed to the stuff coming out of my hosepipes. Which frankly can whiff a bit for the first 30 seconds or so….Ah..!

Funnily enough , the heavens opening ,  was not predicted by  Accuweather/  Ajijic  my GoTo for all things climate.Saying that ,their  temperature of 24-26 was on that day spot on.

Left the car out in the rain to have a rinse off. Talking of which ….

Unemployed Mexicans are inveterate Car Washers. In every large parking area they are there , with buckets,cloths and squeegees ready for 50 pesos  to clean and shine your automobile  in under 20 minutes. Some even have shiny stuff to make the tyre walls glow.

In the midst of the summer heat of around 30-34 degrees  a spate of fires conflagarated on the mountain sides.

With  the thrum thrum thrum of helicopters  overhead carrying water from the lake to dampen the devastation down. Sadly and  badly in the case of the Ancient Forest next to Guadalajara .

Anyway the insouciance and pure gusto of the Mexican people when celebrating a marriage is to not even contemplate fire warnings but carry on the fiesta  .Was on the Mirador , a few weeks back sipping a small tequila.  Flames were visible raging in the direction of Ajijic , to my right . And to  my left  in the night sky was a simply  wonderful firework display , on the  self same tinder dry  mountainside .

Anyway joy abounding ,  3 more nights of rain and the mountainside  started to shrug on it`s magnificent  green jacket.

A Little Local News :AMLO the Mexican president is trying desperately to sell the Presidential plane . A figure around 120 million USD is quoted. Brand new several years ago when acquired by Pena the price tag was double that figure . Anyway AMLO wants to put the money towards border security and helping his people.  Do I have any takers?

One wonders if inside there is not a wee podium for the mariachi band “en titre”.

Time moves on ……

On the last Saturday of June , hailstones as big as your fist and snow fell on Guadalajara!

rain in guad
Lluvia ( rain) and cables

I mean Crikey !!!The state of Jaliscos main city .Simply unheard of .

Whilst here in Ajijic , just an hours drive away , we had only a very blowy ,rainy fairly cool night….Which was enjoyed by one and all..

The nights  require an extra blanket on the bed again. The clay tennis courts here in La Reserva Club are  now in superb condition ;the constant night rain has dampened and firmed them. In May we played with dust storms around our feet . thus consequently  was the proud owner of  gritty orange calves..

Have taken up Yoga ….Yet again , whenever I have a squeaky body  moment ( not unlike the TinMan in The Wizard of OZ) the hatha and ayuderic stretching seem to unkink sprained ankles and tight thighs…. It`s either that or live at the physiotherapists …

Anyway Your Correspondent is trilling about confident in her  being !!!! The Warrior is performed each morning on the grass outside of bedroom. Followed by a lunge into Downward Dog…. Good Times.

downward facing dog.jpg
Downward facing chihuahua









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  1. Carole moller July 3, 2019 — 7:19 pm

    How lovely to hear from you dearest Debs,
    I’m glad that it sounds like life is good for you.We are ok really but getting older is not much fun that’s why we miss you we r short of a little bit of Debs enthusiasm! Anyway we keep on trucking .LOL Carolexx


  2. Dearest Darling Dolly Debs,
    Missing you like crazy. Polo just ain’t the same without you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    30 degrees-plus!?
    May I remind you that you don’t like heat!
    Anyhow, copped an extraordinary person last Sunday! Started by way of a chat pitch-side, etc., etc.
    This girl is seriously remarkable….
    She is only 42, has a brain condition (needed a medical dictionary to understand the details), so driving a car is out. (Also is autistic, has a spinal chord that’s disintegrating and is prone to passing out.) However, polo is good for her inasmuch as she records all the action (goals, fouls, etc.) in an exercise book in such a way that it stimulates her brain in a positive way.
    So, she travels to all the high goal tournaments; – i.e. from her home in Orpington (SE London/Kent border) to Cowdray (she takes a train to central London, train to Haslemere, bus to Midhurst, walks to Lawns or Ambersham); then the reverse to get home again. Also goes to Guards (easier), Coworth (bit trickier) and even Cirencester (four hour coach trip either way). She also carries with her a rucksack containing her special foods and drinks, rainwear and goodness knows what else, plus her handbag, another smaller knapsack and a brolly cum parasol.
    I can only marvel at her resolve, determination and positive attitude towards all her problems.
    If ever I feel sorry for myself over anything, you have my permission to shoot me on the spot.
    Can’t wait to see you next year, when I will once again have someone to go to the Three Moles with again.
    Big hugs,
    Your Brother from Another Mother xxx


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