Letter from Mexico

33977022326_f7546ea251_z (1)Por fin…. At last back in the sunny bosom of Lake Chapala .The  night time rainy season is in full swing , so  thus , are the flowers, trees ,grasses and verdant mountainsides. .Actually we’ve just been hit by the edges of a tropical storm on the East coast..Aaagh tennis has been cancelled yet again.

Heathrow was tedious but , strangely enough ,efficient . My dearest chum Julia Wain ( Snowy Owl to her Brownies) drove me there, a big  affectionate hug was our  goodbye.  Thank you Julia.   The flight by Air Mexico was on the new Dreamliner  No complaints whatsoever. 11hrs 22 mns direct to Mexico City . Book 3 months in advance and it is under £750.00

Walking through passport control in MEX Airport , confronting me was this large sign informing that  “Your security is a priority here on the concourse.” Sitting beneath it was the security guard checking his e.mails…. I knew I was back to a certain insouciance that is  the charm of this country.

I had`nt spoken Spanish since Uriel ( the gardener & general factotum ) dropped me off October 2016 at Guadalajara airport to fly home. So to my delight his great big body and smile  was there to pick up my suitcases and continue our conversation of  nine months ago.

Donald Trump has had an effect . There are more mexicans returning home and also Americans moving down here. It seems busier than ever.

My great friend  , the Belgian , Roland Van Houdt  & I went for lunch the next day  to the crowded , bustling  ,brilliant Ajijic Tango . A few tables away was a lady wrapped in surgical bandages from a recent face lift . Did I mention Mexico is very popular for good , cheap plastic surgery  and dentistry for people North of the border. Thus when visiting on arrival never mind Mayan ruins and Aztec Culture   firstly book a teeth cleaning at Dental Express. I will book you in ( Around £10.00 and  as beautifully done as anywhere))

Selling a house is a pain but 2 Northgate Mews was a lot less so  ,I happened to use an online Estate Agent. House Simple , there is also Purple Bricks. A flat fee of £525.00 . Even houses well over a million pounds are now using these online agents. They are honest about the selling price. The photos where fabulous. The buyers have 24 hour contact . Brilliant.The £000,s I saved will go on a car.

I see Purple Bricks are starting up in the USA….. Good luck to them as sellers over there  are under a cosh of  5-7%.I think in 10 years this phenomenon will sweep the civilised world.

Anyway .There is a large bunch of Americans here who where quite obviously Flower Children at Woodstock. They may  no longer be  hippies,  but every Monday and Friday they are  at Adelitas, 2 minutes from Ajijic .  There  there is an American guitarist of that epoch who is just brilliant. The group play live music ,rock,salsa, R&B todos( everything) and we all dance like dingbats for several hours.. It is partly in the open air with a long well stocked bar and even a veggie burger for “Your Correspondent”

I understand now why Rock n Roll is so quintessentially American .

Adios y Abrazos










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  1. You are so telepathic I’ve been thinking about you lots!!! All good here I’m now jefa of the bridge at Sotogrande no one else silly enough to take the loveless task on!!!!
    Life good becoming a horribly keen golfer hours to waste on these beautiful courses around here, and also seems to be keeping me on the straight and narrow if that is ever possible.
    Great summer Olivia and boyfriend seem to still be in love oh young love!!!
    Off to India in October with Hubby very excited.
    When you visiting here we miss you always
    Big kiss xxx


  2. Dear Debs

    Missing you loads.

    Look forward to next update.

    Teddy xx

    Edward James 07765 328088


  3. Hello Debs. How are you? Any chance of visiting us here in Sotogrande?
    now have own estate agency as well as writing club et al xx


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